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 The UST Quarterly is a publication focused on aiding tank owners, operators, contractors and companies with timely information regarding the regulatory aspects of owning and managing underground storage tanks and the cleanup of UST-related contamination.

If you would like to learn more about this publication or become a subscriber, please contact Edward Winner to have your e-mail address added to the distribution list. We look forward to hearing from you.

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 UST Quarterly issues

UST Quarterly Volume 8 Issue 13rd Quarter2016
Articles-Maintenance for UST Systems in Temporary Closure; Who Owns this UST System?; Waste Management at UST Closure Sites; Regulatory Changes for Registration and Tank Fees; Kentucky’s Tank Operator Online Learning System; (TOOLS) training must be completed every year by all Designated Compliance Managers (DCMs)
UST Quarterly Volume 7 Issue 44th Quarter2015
Articles-No Guarantee of Future PSTEAF Coverage; Welcome to New Compliance Section Supervisor!; Making Good Decisions When Buying USTs; Getting it Done! – Who Does What in the UST Program; Employee Training Requirements for UST Facilities
UST Quarterly Volume 7 Issue 33rd Quarter2015
Articles—New UST Federal Regulations; Updates for Electronic Submittals to Claims and Payments; Are You Performing SIR Correctly?; New Requirement for Facility Restoration Claims
UST Quarterly Volume 7 Issue 22nd Quarter2015
Articles—New Initiative for Recurring Compliance Violations; Is Your Corporation or LLC in Good Standing?; UST Ownership During Probate; Welcome to New AE Section Supervisor; Water Intrusion Incidents Spike with Record Snowfalls and Rains; 2015 Annual Tank Fee Invoices – Two Ways to Pay
UST Quarterly Volume 7 Issue 11st Quarter2015
Articles—21 Years of Dedication-Farewell From Stephen Kent, Supervisor, Compliance Section; PSTEAF Reimbursement Check Interception; Manager’s Message:  I Like A New Year; The Importance of ATG Alarms; UST Response Quarterly; Electronic Submittals:  Everybody Wins
UST Quarterly Volume 6 Issue 34th Quarter2014
Articles--Field Notes:  Water in Spill Buckets.  What’s the Big Deal?; Brownfield Redevelopment and UST Properties; UST Response Quarterly; UST Ownership Changes; Reminder:  UST Agenda Schedule for the Holidays; Kentucky Tank Operator Online Learning System (KY TOOLS) Updates
UST Quarterly Volume 6 Issue 23rd Quarter2014
Articles--The Carrot or the Stick?; UST Facility Change in Ownership; SOTRA: Small Owners Tank Removal Account; Avoiding Enforcement Action; Reminders: Kentucky Tank Operator Online Learning System (KY TOOLS)
UST Quarterly Volume 6 Issue 12nd Quarter2014
Articles--Site Restoration: Paving, Concrete, Reseeding; Pulling ATG Probes - PEI/RP 1200-12; Update:  Assigning a DCM to a UST Facility; Dispenser Tampering; Monitoring Well Decommissioning, Protecting Your Property
UST Quarterly Volume 5 Issue 41st Quarter2014
Articles-- Owner or operator - who's responsible for UST facility compliance?; From the Editor, UST Quarterly Delivering News Five Years; Why Digging Isn't Always the Answer for Quicker UST Cleanups; Upcoming Training Opportunity: ITRC LNAPL Course; Updates - Kentucky TOOLS (Tank Operator Online Learning System); Wrap-up: December 2013 Deadline for Upgrading Internally Lined USTs; UST Field Notes, Water Intrusion
UST Quarterly Volume 5 Issue 34th Quarter2013
Articles-- Manager’s Report: Regulations – The Balance of Desirable and Undesirable (UST registration, operator training, requirements for internally lined tanks, and UST cleanups); Field Notes: Pilot Project Likely to Improve Inspection Process; Hire The Best Contractors – It’s An Investment; Planning Around State Holidays; Do Business With The UST Branch Online
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