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Division of Waste Management
Underground Storage Tank Branch

Kentucky UST Operator Training

The UST Branch will contact you when it's time for your Kentucky TOOLS training. At that time, you will be issued a personal identification number (PIN) needed to access the training. PINs will be issued over the course of the next year.

Per federal law, states are to ensure that UST operators are trained according to state-specific requirements. In Kentucky, online training will be offered through Kentucky Tank Operator Online Learning System (Kentucky TOOLS) to designated compliance managers, also known as DCMs.

Links to the federal legislation and EPA guidance to states for the development of UST operator training can be found on U.S. EPA's operator training Web page. Kentucky UST operator training regulatory requirements are in sections 7 and 8 of 401 KAR 42:020.
Updates will be posted here and will be included in the UST Quarterly.
For more information on Kentucky UST operator training, call the Compliance Section of the Underground Storage Tank Branch.

Owner instructions for KY TOOLS

DCM instructions for KY TOOLS

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