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Division of Waste Management
Underground Storage Tank Branch

Electronic Submittal Options 

DEP has moved from eForms submissions to the Kentucky Business, One Stop Portal.  This change impacts all users of the eForms web site. For more information, please go to this site.

All UST forms may be submitted online. Annual tank fees may also be paid online. See the options below.

Submit UST Registration ItemsSubmit UST Registration Items

Items that may be submitted through this option include:
-- DEP0060 (April 2011) Address Change Form for Owners of UST Systems
-- DEP7112 (September 2011) UST Facility Registration Form
-- Other

Submit Operational Compliance ItemsSubmit Operational Compliance Items
Items that may be submitted through this option include:
-- DEP4062 (July 2011) Automatic Line Leak Detector Operational Test
-- DEP4063 (April 2011) Electronic Release Detection Equipment Test
-- DEP4064 (April 2011) Line Tightness Test
-- DEP4065 (April 2011) Spill Containment Device Test
-- DEP4066 (April 2011) Tank Tightness Test
-- DEP5041 (April 2011) Visual Interstitial Log
-- DEP6089 (April 2011) UST System Compatibility Form
-- DEP7115 (September 2011) Installation Verification and Compatibility Form
-- DEP8050 (April 2011) Manned Entry Integrity Assessment
-- DEP8052 (April 2011) Galvanic Cathodic Protection System Evaluation
-- DEP8053 (April 2011) Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System Evaluation
-- Sump Liquid-Tightness Test
-- Under Dispenser Containment (UDC) Liquid-Tightness Test
-- Other

Submit Site Assessment and Remediation ItemsSubmit Site Assessment and Remediation Items
Items that may be submitted through this option include:
-- Classification Guide

-- Closure Assessment Report
-- Closure Deficiency Response
-- Corrective Action Deficiency Response
-- Corrective Action Report
-- Initial Report
-- Intermediate Report
-- Over Excavation Report
-- Quarterly Monitoring Report
-- Site Check Report
-- Site Investigation Deficiency Response
-- Other

Submit Claims and Payments ItemsSubmit Claims and Payments Items
Items that may be submitted through this option include:
-- DEP0061 (April 2011) Affidavit of Termination of Contract
-- DEP0062 (April 2011) Reimbursable Amount Re-Evaluation Form
-- DEP0063 (April 2011) Reconsideration Request Form
-- DEP0064 (April 2011) SOTRA Reimbursement Worksheet
-- DEP6063 (April 2011) Application for Assistance
-- DEP6064 (April 2011) Claim Request Form for Actions not Directed by the USTB
-- DEP6067 (April 2011) SOTRA Application for Assistance
-- DEP6068 (April 2011) SOTRA Claim Request
-- DEP6075 (April 2011) Payment Verification Affidavit
-- DEP6077 (April 2011) Payment Waiver Form
-- DEP6078 (April 2011) Third-Party Claim Form
-- DEP6090 (July 2011) Cost Estimate Form
-- DEP6091 (April 2011) USTB Written Directive Claim Request Form
-- DEP6092 (April 2011) Affidavit of Waiver for PSTEAF Reimbursement
-- DEP6093 (August 2011) Reimbursement Worksheet – Miscellaneous Tasks
-- DEP6094 (April 2011) Reimbursement Worksheet – Optional Soil Removal Outside of the Excavation Zone
-- DEP6095 (August 2011) Reimbursement Worksheet
-- DEP6065/01/06 Invoice Listing Form (Pre-2011 form)
-- DEP6066A,B,C,D,E,G,H,I/08/06 Reimbursement Worksheet (Pre-2011 form)

-- Other

Pay Annual Tank FeesPay Annual Tank Fees
Pay annual tank fees online. See additional information.