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Division of Waste Management
Underground Storage Tank Branch

Operational Compliance
Additional Help

Please contact the Underground Storage Tank (UST) Branch at 502-564-5981 if you need assistance. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Underground Storage Tanks website also has a section entitled Compliance Help. Here are links to a few of their guides:

Operating and Maintaining Underground Storage Tank Systems: Practical Help and Checklists (EPA-510-B-05-002). September 2005.
This manual contains brief summaries of the federal UST requirements for operation and maintenance, as well as practical help that goes beyond the requirements. Owners and operators of UST systems will find this manual contains checklists and information that will help them properly operate and maintain their USTs.

UST Systems: Inspecting and Maintaining Sumps and Spill Buckets - Practical Help and Checklist (EPA 510-R-05-001). May 2005.
This 16-page manual presents UST system owners and operators with recommended inspection guidelines and best management practices for their UST system sumps and spill buckets. The manual will help owners identify and inspect the sumps and spill buckets associated with their UST systems; explain some simple steps owners can take to maintain their sumps and spill buckets and identify potential problems; and provide owners with tips for fixing common problems before they cause a release of petroleum products to the environment.

Straight Talk on Tanks: Leak Detection Methods for Petroleum Underground Storage Tanks and Piping (EPA EPA-510-B-05-001). September 2005.
This booklet provides easy-to-understand descriptions of several leak detection methods for tanks and piping, as well as explanations of the regulatory requirements for leak detection.

Dollars and Sense (EPA 510-K-95-004). July 1995.
This 16-page booklet provides a plain language summary of UST owners' and operators' financial responsibilities under federal UST regulations. Includes definition of financial responsibility - evidence of owners' and operators' ability to ensure, through insurance or other means, that they can pay for cleanups and third-party damages associated with a release.