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Division of Waste Management
Underground Storage Tank Branch

Assessment and Remediation
Closure or Replacement of Registered UST Systems

When an underground storage tank (UST) owner or operator removes and/or replaces any part of a UST system (tanks, piping, etc.), they must follow the procedures in the Closure Outline pursuant to 401 KAR 42:070.

Owners or operators eligible to receive reimbursement from the Small Owners Tank Removal Account for the closure of USTs must use a laboratory from the Certified UST Laboratory List.

If you are going to install, repair or upgrade a UST system, a permit application must be submitted to the Office of the State Fire Marshal for approval. This includes internal lining and UST removals. For more information or to schedule a final inspection after installing or upgrading, contact the Office of the State Fire Marshal at 502-573-1702.