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Transfer station with truck

Division of Waste Management

Transfer Stations
A transfer station is the facility for the collection and consolidation of waste prior to being transported to the disposal site. It is classified as a registered permit-by-rule, which is a facility classification requiring the owner or operator to register with the cabinet prior to operation. The application process is therefore simpler than that for a landfill, for instance. A registration for a transfer station requires the publication of a public notices at least two weeks prior to submittal of the registration to the Solid Waste Branch. Once received, a registration that is deemed to be administratively complete shall be denied within five days of receiving it. If not denied, the registrant may begin operation.
The regulation that applies to transfer stations is 401 KAR 47:110, which sets out the permitting and operating requirements for this type of facility. Operating requirements include compliance with the environmental performance standards, keeping records, and complying with the conditions of the permit and the approved registration.
The registration form for transfer stations (DEP 7059) may be found in the DEP Forms Library.

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