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Division of Waste Management
Solid Waste Program

Public Participation Process
Administrative regulations for solid and special waste provide for public participation in the permitting process. When the Solid Waste Branch receives a permit application, it is reviewed to determine if the proposed action requires public notification. If so, the branch arranges publication of a notice in the local newspaper of largest circulation that describes the location of the facility and the proposed permitting action. This notice also includes information on the person and/or contact to receive additional information or to make comments. The public notice sets forth the public comment period with a deadline for the submittal of comments.
A public hearing may be scheduled if the branch determines that there is significant public interest in the proposed application. The purpose of the hearing is to provide additional information to the public on the permit process as well as take comments from local citizens about the impact of the facility on human health or the environment.
At the close of the public comment period, the branch reviews the comments submitted and prepares a written response to the comments that is entered into the record for the facility into the branch’s database as well as made available to the public on our website and deposited at the local library.