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Division of Waste Management

Petroleum Contaminated Soil Treatment Facilities
These facilities are for the remediation of soil removed from facilities where petroleum was managed or released. The soil must be treated to reduce contaminant concentrations to or below the levels established in 401 KAR 48:205, Section 6, Table 3.
The regulations that apply to PCST facilities are 401 KAR 47:205 which establishes application requirements, and 401 KAR 48:205 through 208, which set out the technical requirements for this type of facility. The application requirements are the submittal of a Notice of Intent to Apply for a PCST Facility and once that is approved, the Application for a PCST Facility Permit. The application is subject to the public information procedures of 401 KAR 47:207 and the owner or operator must prepare a surface water and groundwater monitoring plan.
The application forms for PCST facilities may be found in the DEP Forms Library.

For questions regarding permitting of petroleum contaminated soil treatment facilities, please contact