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Division of Waste Management

Solid Waste Branch
Composting is the biological decomposition of organic materials, at an accelerated rate, under controlled, aerobic conditions.  Compostable waste includes all items that will readily decompose.  In general, this waste is organic in nature (i.e., remains of once living plants or animals).  Yard waste and paper usually make up the bulk of compostable material.  With proper management, these organic materials can be diverted from the waste mainstream and converted into compost.  Special waste such as sludge from wastewater treatment facilities is also generally compostable.  Sludge requires greater composting management skills and is subject to different permitting requirements.
The regulations and requirements of the general design and operation of composting facilities are set forth in 401 KAR 48:200 for solid waste and 401 KAR 45:100 for special waste.
All compost facilities in Kentucky must have a certified operator.  Any individual who is acting as the operator of a composting facility must register to attend the training session. Training sessions are coordinated by the Division of Compliance Assistance. For more information, please go to their webpage.
Forms for solid and special waste composting applications may be found in the DEP Forms Library.