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Energy and Environment Cabinet

Division of Waste Management
Recycling and Local Assistance Branch

Kentucky Recycling and Marketing Assistance Program (KRMA)
The KRMA program provides information to recyclers and local communities on establishing recycling centers. We identify markets for recyclable commodities and provide the latest market and pricing trends.

The Marketplace is a monthly newsletter with regional prices on nine commodities as well as news briefs for recycling facilities and end users. Our staff will conduct site visits to evaluate current or proposed recycling operations. Market analysis and operational performance evaluation are available upon request.

Market Opportunities is a current list of state, regional and national brokers, processors and end users that conduct business with Kentucky's recycling industry. This information is collected by the KRMA, which is dedicated to providing the most accurate information to help recyclers get the best market value for their recovered commodities.  Market Opportunities lists markets for tractor-trailer load lots of materials most commonly recovered by recycling programs.  Typical processing specifications for truck lot marketing are included. However, the buyer and seller should negotiate specific quality standards as well as shipping arrangements.


We encourage commercial and industrial companies to participate in the Kentucky Buy Recycled Alliance, a program that promotes the purchase of materials with recycled content and overall product stewardship.