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Division of Waste Management
Recycling and Local Assistance Program

Waste Tires
The Kentucky Division of Waste Management (DWM) estimates that about 4 million scrap tires are generated annually in Kentucky. In July 1998, Kentucky established waste tire statutes to ensure responsible waste tire management. The law requires tire retailers, transporters and accumulators to register with the state and post a bond. The law also establishes management standards for scrap tires to reduce the risk of fire and prevent water entrapment and mosquito infestations.

Waste Tire Collection Program
The Waste Tire Collection Program (formerly known as Tire Amnesty) is an ongoing state run program to rid Kentucky’s landscape of waste tires. Individuals can drop off their unwanted tires at a location within their county free of charge during the collection period. The tires are recycled through “beneficial end use” markets to become products such as tire-derived fuel or crumb rubber.
Rubber-Modified Asphalt Chip Seal Grant
DWM is offering a new grant to promote the use of recycled tires in asphalt chip seal projects.  This grant is offered to counties and the deadline to apply is Monday, May 16th. Click here for full press release.   Click here for application and details. 
Waste Tire Collection Grant
On average DWM oversees a 3 day waste tire collection event in each county every 3 years.  Additional grant funding up to $4,000 was made available to counties to help pay for the disposal or recycling of waste tires. The grant period is July 1, 2015, through June 30, 2016. The deadline to apply for 2016 funding was August 30, 2015. Click here for application and details

Crumb Rubber Landscaping Grant
To read about changes to the Crumb Rubber Grant Program for Fiscal Year 2015, go
to the Crumb Rubber web page.  
Waste Tire Work Group