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Landfill in Campbellsville

Division of Waste Management
Public Notices

N/AN/ANotice to regulate the management & disposal of coal combustion residuals (CCR)N/ASolid Waste Branch7/31/2017
N/AN/ANotice to regulate the management & disposal of Coal Combustion residuals (CCR)N/ASolid Waste Branch7/31/2017
JeffersonAPE20140001Public Hearing May 25 20172121Solid Waste Branch6/1/2017
Carter CountyARP20170001Public Hearing133280Solid Waste Branch5/19/2017
TrimbleAPE20140001Response to Comments and SW permit issued 2-15-174054Solid Waste Branch3/30/2017
ButlerAPE20170001Permit Renewal Application Received11316Solid Waste Branch3/24/2017
ScottAPE20160006Public Hearing March 24th-Renewal Application33403Solid Waste Branch3/24/2017
MuhlenbergAPE20170001 RenewalPermit Renewal Application Received3239Solid Waste Branch3/16/2017
DaviessAPE20170001Permit Renewal 973Solid Waste Branch3/16/2017
NelsonAPE20160002Notice of Intent Application for horizontal expansion3267Solid Waste Branch3/8/2017
ScottAPE 20120001Draft Permit Public Hearing33403Solid Waste Branch1/30/2017
All Counties in KentuckyNABe advised that persons wishing to submit a new or revised Registered Permit-by-Rule application shall meet all requirements of 401 KAR 47:110, Section 1NASolid Waste Branch12/31/2016
MadisonAPE20140009 and APE20150009Tentative Approval_Permit Modifications2805Hazardous Waste Branch9/21/2016
TrimbleAPE20140001Public Hearing August 30, 2016 - Draft Permit4054Solid Waste Branch9/12/2016
LaurelAPE20160002Permit Renewal2581Solid Waste Branch8/22/2016
GravesAPE20160002Permit Renewal1551Solid Waste Branch8/15/2016
CallowayAPE20160001Permit Renewal514Solid Waste Branch8/15/2016
BoydAPE20150006River Cities Disposal LLC - Big Run Landfill - Response To Comments Clarification40319Solid Waste Branch7/13/2016
McCrackenAPE20160002Permit Renewal3059Solid Waste Branch7/3/2016
BoydAPE20150006River Cities Disposal LLC - Big Run Landfill - Response to Comments40319Solid Waste Branch5/29/2016
ClarkAIN20150001East KY Power - Hancock Creek - Response to Comments810Solid Waste Branch5/28/2016
AllHazardous Waste3/28/2016
MarshallAPE20160001Permit Renewal2939Solid Waste Branch3/24/2016
PulaskiAPE20160001Permit Renewal3825Solid Waste Branch3/23/2016
ClarkAIN20150001Groundwater Assessment Report810Solid Waste Branch3/21/2016
DaviessAPE20150001Minor Mod to add waste sources973Solid Waste Branch3/14/2016
BoydAPE20150006Public Hearing January 12, 201640319Solid Waste Branch1/13/2016
MontgomeryAPE20150002Renewal Application3188Solid Waste Branch1/4/2016
MasonAPE20130001 Denial issued due to failure to submit Administrative Application3013Solid Waste Branch12/24/2015
BooneAPE20150002 Draft permit issued15788Solid Waste Branch10/30/2015
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